is a website that was built to help connect Lytton, BC with the surrounding communities. But what are the benefits of using when there are already so many other Social Networking and Classified Ads sites out there?

The benefits of using

  1. gives you another place to post your information so more people can see it.
  2. You do not need to register for an account on to view Ads. This gives EVERYBODY who visits the website a chance to read your post. Some websites require people to register to see what you posted.
  3. On You can buy, sell, trade, and announce just about anything that is legal. Some websites do not allow you to post things like eggs, produce, raffles/fundraisers, websites, your business ideas, and other various things. At… if it’s legal then you can post it.
  4. No Community Flagging! At you don’t have to worry about somebody having your Ad removed simply because they don’t like you or your Ad. At as longs as your listing does not contain any illegal content or offensive material then your Ad will stay live until it either expires or you remove it.
  5. No nasty public comments on your Ad! Unlike some websites, we don’t allow people to post public comments on your Ad or Listing. If they want to contact you then they can do so through the contact form on your Ad. If you choose to include your phone number in your listing then that is up to you.
  6. will help promote your Ad! Every Ad or Listing that is posted on is also shared on the LyttonStrong Twitter feed. The LyttonStrong website also gets indexed by Google quite well! This gives people an opportunity to find your listing even if they don’t know about the website.

At I am trying to provide an equal-opportunity place to for people to buy, sell, trade, announce, and share with the community. I am not trying to replace any social networking platforms such a Facebook… I am simply trying to provide an additional option. The more places you post… the better chance you have of being found! I am not a big business… just another Lytton Fire survivor trying to help rebuild a community!

Best of luck and warm wishes!

Sam – – Website Developer and Administrator

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions about the website then please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


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