First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has participated in helping me test drive the basic features of the site. It has been a lot of work but it looks like the basic features of being able to post an Ad are working alright for now. I am open to suggestions if there is something that could be changed.

Right now I would like to introduce you to’s Brand New “Community Networking” features! It has been a long haul getting things put together and adjusted but I think it is finally ready for a public test drive. People might love it or people might hate it… only time will tell.

What’s new? has had some upgrades which bring it closer to becoming a fully functional Community Directory and Networking Hub. Members are now able to create profiles, search for members and add them as friends, send private and public messages, and post updates to the public wall. Yes, these features are very similar to what you can already do on other popular social networking sites but this is a little bit different. It’s localized and targeted at a much smaller audience. It’s something special for Lytton and the surrounding communities.

The Basic Functionality

When you register for an account on, you will be asked to enter a username, your actual name (or your business name if creating a profile for your business), your email address, location, and you will also be required to set a password.

The username will be associated with your account and cannot be changed. It will be visible on all classified ad postings, and it is what people will use to “mention” you in public posts or on the “Community Wall”.

Your Name or Business name will be publicly visible in the “Member Directory” and this is how most people will search to find you. You can enter you real name, or your business name but use something that identifies you as an individual or else nobody will know who you are and they won’t be able to easily find you.

Your Email Address is required to setup your account and for the website to communicate with you. Your email address will not be publicly visible but if anyone sends you a private message or replies to one of your ads then the notification will be sent to this email address… Do not try to register with an email address that you do not have access to because we do verify your email upon registration.

Your Location is set to be publicly visible by default, but you can change it. I recommend keeping it visible so that other people know where you are from. Your location also allows people to find you when they are searching for members from a specific community.

Only other registered members will be able to view the Member Directory and Public Wall. Everybody will be able to view your profile but only registered members will be able to send you messages and interact on the website. Only your first and last name will be displayed in the members directory. It is up to you if you decide to share personal information on your profile.

The Public Wall

Once you are logged in, you can visit the “Community Network” link in the top menu. This will bring you to the “Public Wall”. Here you can see all activity and updates from other members. You will see any notifications or updates that members have posted and you will also see such things as profile update notifications. From here you can either view/reply to other member’s updates, or you can post your own update. Anything you post on here will be visible to ALL members… unless they are blocked from viewing your activity.

Friends – Search/Invite

To view other members of the site you can visit the “Member Directory” in your menu options. From there you can select search filters such as “Newest Registered”, “Last Active”, and “Alphabetical” to sort the search results. It’s a brand new website so there is a good chance that the person who you are looking for hasn’t registered yet. If the person who you are looking for is not in the Member Directory then you can click on “Invite a Friend” in the menu. Here you can enter a friend’s email address and a custom message and we will send them an invitation to let them know that you want to be their friend on

A few closing thoughts…

That’s about it for a brief introduction to the new Community Networking features on My goal is to create a comprehensive community directory where people can easily find other people and businesses. It is similar to a digital phone book except you don’t have to display your personal contact information in order for people to communicate with you.

The idea is to create a networking hub where people can communicate and share with other people in the community. Although similar to other popular social networking sites, is a bit different because it is more targeted at the local community instead of being open to world-wide registration.

Right now, there are very few restrictions on what you can do on the site and as long as people play nicely with each other then I can leave it that way. Things like a Public Wall can be fun and interactive as long as everybody has respect for each other.

I hope you enjoy what I have built for the community so far. Please come back regularly to check for updates and see how the community is growing.

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