is a Community Classifieds and Posting website that has been designed to be as simple as possible for people to use. On you will find the basic functionality required to create and respond to community Classified Ads and bulletins. This website was built to provide a simpler alternative to other social media platforms for those people who are just looking for something simple to use.

Some social media sites have strict rules about what you can and cannot post on their marketplace pages. At anyone is welcome to post just about anything if it’s legal and generally appropriate for viewers of all ages. Whatever you post also needs to be relevant to the region and category that you post it in. We even have a “Farmer’s Market” section for people who want to buy and sell farm fresh eggs, vegetables, and other food items! is also locally owned and operated by an actual person so you don’t have to worry about somebody, who is in a bad mood, having your add removed for no good reason. All postings are manually moderated so as long as your listing is legitimate and legal you have no worries about your listing being flagged or deleted.

The idea to build this website came largely from witnessing the aftermath of the natural disasters such as the wildfires and the mudslides that caused many to lose their homes, some to lose their lives, and everyone to lose their ability to easily find information about emergency resources. Sure, it was all over social media… but some people don’t want to signup for a membership just so they can reply to a community bulletin to get information. At you only need to signup for an account if you want to post a listing. Anybody can reply to a listing. is a brand new site with very little or nothing at all on it but I hope that one day it is able to be a benefit to the communities that it serves.

The website is currently in live public testing. This means that you are welcome to signup and use it but some of the features are still under development and things may move around from time to time.

It is completely free to use however, donations are appreciated. Donations help cover the cost of web hosting and the time required to develop and manage the website… and to help feed the guy who built it! If you would like to make a small donation, Click Here To Donate

If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, or concerns then please don’t hesitate to email the website developer and moderator at: